Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
— Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
What's more impossible than trying to turn the entire world upside down?!

What's more impossible than trying to turn the entire world upside down?!



"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's a great puzzle."
Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Geographer Hat

It has been a good long while since I have contributed research in the field of Geography, but I'm glad.  For me, research can get very myopic, focused in to just a small sample of what there is to understand.  I enjoy practicing Geography, namely through my efforts in seeing it, teaching it and then talking about teaching it with others.

Teacher Hat

Geography was certainly my first passion, and teaching Geography just seemed like the funnest thing to do.  Teaching has really ignited another passion in me - all in its own right.  As a innately curious and philosophical thinker, I have never been so challenged and engaged then when am reflecting on the nuanced complexities of learning/teaching.  I 'whack' (a.k.a. forward slash) those together because I do believe that learning comes first - for everyone, especially teachers.  I mean both that learning linearly comes first, but also that even while we teachers are teaching - we're also (sub)consciously learning, too!  I would love to see the day when more teachers, especially in higher education, were more active learners, too.

Instructional Designer/Technical Writer Reversible Hat

My newest hat!  This one is so cool because I can turn it inside out and do different things time to time.   When I'm wearing the ID side, I'm furiously researching and writing course outlines and resources, course descriptions, or even complete programs!  When I turn it inside out, I'm in the mode of documentation, procedure and protocol.  Not always the most exciting stuff, I'm actually really good at it - so there's pride there.

Idea-Generator and Inspirator Hat

As "impossible" things, I dream up ideas daily.  I'm a global thinker, a visualizer and synthesizer.  My need to understand how things connect has the wonderful results of generating ideas, asking questions of others, sharing those ideas and inspiring others.  It is one of the greatest compliments that I have the honor of hearing often enough: "What a great idea!"