Submitted Idea to US Dept of Ed "Teach to Lead" Program

I was listening to NPR yesterday (as I do pretty much every day) and I heard a piece on apprenticeship/vocational programs in Germany.  I was actually thinking about applications to higher education career learning and work-study opportunities for the students in the programs I work with.

But today, I came across the US Dept of Ed's "Teach to Learn" initiative. Then the idea struck. Is it exceptional?  Eh, not sure. Is going any where? Probably not.  But, I'm proud of it!

What do you think...?

Idea: Apprenticeship Model for Teaching

Improving Teacher Effectiveness, Development and Retention

Teacher turnover and burnout is preventable.  A recent study concluded that more pedagogical preparation does impact retention positively (Sawchuk 2014).  In higher education, the problem does not quite manifest as a retention issue, but as an effectiveness issue.  When college-level faculty experience burnout their commitment and job satisfaction is stressed, but burnout is mitigated through support and collaboration (Tugend 2013).

A novel solution can be initiated through a new paradigm of new teacher training and faculty professional development: the apprenticeship model.  This model integrates the learning process into an extended, mentored and experiential praxis.  New teachers, as apprentices, and existing faculty, as masters, learn and work together over an extended period where leadership and responsibility shifts between the two.  The Apprentice Teacher benefits from hands on, front-of-class experience that is supported by a dedicated mentor extending for a longer period of time than conventional teacher internship programs.  For the Master Teacher, they benefit from the time and cause to refresh their own pedagogical practice and research agenda.  The apprenticeship pairing will last for at least two years. Early on, it will focus on Master Teacher modeling and leading collaborative creation/updating of methods and materials between the two teachers.  Later on, the Apprentice Teacher comes into the lead and the Master Teacher recedes into a mentor role, where she or his is able to devote time to their own professional development pursuits.  This new model will entail a revision of most education degree programs, a deepening of the teacher residency programs, and a synthesis with existing faculty development programs.

Ugh, tedious.

Well, I don't hardly think about this blog until I'm in the shower, about to sleep, driving in the car, or in some other inopportune place.

I'm sure many of you out there experience the same thing.

I've been trying (for a couple of years now) to insanely schedule out my life.  Not just dentist visits and conference calls, but literally: hang with friend, call to schedule hair appt, exercise!!, etc.

Now's about the time where I'm cued to think: "Man, I wish I had a ____." Mad-Libs fill-in: clone, personal assistant, five more hours in the day, terminal illness (oops, did I just say that?!).

Well, forget the quality expectations, looks like I just completed BLOG #3!  Yay me!

Well, I dropped the ball... until now

I wonder how many of those 200,000 people starting their blog each day fall off the wagon? I wrote my first entry on the 11th, here I am nearly two weeks later getting to number two.  Oh well!

I was really inspired today by a colleague/friend of mine who is applying for an NSF grant to fund her research on human-tiger conflict in central India.  I did a copy-edit of her application proposal and it was really amazing.  Makes me want to dive in and help her do her research.  

More than that, it makes me want to consider doing some research of my own. 

Which begs a very, very important question - where the f*** do I find more time?!  

So oft I've fantasized about having a clone, having the ability to forgo sleep, having the first driver-less car, or being able to transcend the laws of the Universe and give myself extra time each day.  

As a mad hatter type, I just can seem to stay settled in on one thing.  I've been doing my new 'Instructional Designer' gig (which is waaay more than designing curriculum) for almost two months and I can't stop imagining myself doing more, other things!  Sheesh.

Anyone have some suggestions - wait, suggestions!? Please... I need coping strategies!  Who's got 'em?!

Am I blogging yet...?

I've been saying for a couple of years now (both in my head and to a few people) that I want to start a blog.  

Well here I am!  I'm one of the other 200,000 people that started their blog today.

What am I going to write about in this blog? How often will I write?  Ugh, I don't know!  

I guess I'll write about the nerdy stuff I read and think about:

  • Geography stuff
  • Teaching and Learning stuff
  • Social Justice and Women's Empowerment stuff

How often?!  Well, since I have so much time on my hands... you'll just have to check back and see!

Wheeee, here we gooooooooo!