Well, I dropped the ball... until now

I wonder how many of those 200,000 people starting their blog each day fall off the wagon? I wrote my first entry on the 11th, here I am nearly two weeks later getting to number two.  Oh well!

I was really inspired today by a colleague/friend of mine who is applying for an NSF grant to fund her research on human-tiger conflict in central India.  I did a copy-edit of her application proposal and it was really amazing.  Makes me want to dive in and help her do her research.  

More than that, it makes me want to consider doing some research of my own. 

Which begs a very, very important question - where the f*** do I find more time?!  

So oft I've fantasized about having a clone, having the ability to forgo sleep, having the first driver-less car, or being able to transcend the laws of the Universe and give myself extra time each day.  

As a mad hatter type, I just can seem to stay settled in on one thing.  I've been doing my new 'Instructional Designer' gig (which is waaay more than designing curriculum) for almost two months and I can't stop imagining myself doing more, other things!  Sheesh.

Anyone have some suggestions - wait, suggestions!? Please... I need coping strategies!  Who's got 'em?!